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Each team comes with a General channel by default with the option to create additional channels that represent topics, work groups, or themes. Channels are be visible to everyone or you have the option to create a private channel. [see screenshot]

Create a new channel

Click on More options […] next to the Team name > Add channel > provide a name for your channel > choose Standard or Private channel > Add 

Go to our Notifications information to learn how to manage notifications and alerts, or click Notifications in the left navigation. 


  • Everyone on a Team has access to standard channels, whereas private channels can only be seen by the person who created the channel (channel owner) and members added to the channel.
  • Anyone can add private channels unless Team owners change that permission [under Manage Team > Settings > Member permissions/Guest permissions].
  • Team owners do not have access to a private channel unless they create it or are added to the channel by the channel owner.
  • Team owners can delete any private channel.
  • Private channels create their own SharePoint document libraries accessible only to those who are channel owners and members of that channel.
  • You cannot schedule meetings in Meet now. 
  • Does not support some apps like Planner. 
  • Every channel has two default tabs: Posts and Files. Find links in the left navigation for more information on Tabs. 

Creating a Standard Channel in Teams creates a corresponding folder in the SharePoint Document library. [see screenshot]

If you create a folder in SharePoint that exists outside of the channels, you can sync that folder to Teams. 

  1. From the SharePoint Document library, click +New > select folder
  2. Name your folder and upload or create files within this folder, as needed. 
  3. Open the Teams client. 
  4. Click More options [...] next to the name of the Team where you want to sync your folder. [see screenshot]
  5. Select Add a channel. 
  6. Name the channel the exact same name as the folder in SharePoint.
  7. Go to the Files tab in Teams and you will see the files have synced from the folder in the SharePoint Document library.

Pin will place the channel to the top of your list. Only available in List view.

Manage channel to set moderation preferences.

Get email address allows you to copy the email address of this channel, which enables you to email the channel. The message will appear in posts.

Note: By default, only KU internal addresses are allowed to email directly to a channel.  Requests for external email addresses need to be evaluated by IT.  

Get link to channel allows you send a link for others to access your public team or add the URL to your SharePoint site for quick navigation.

Edit this channel - Edit channel name and description – This does not automatically change the name of the folder in SharePoint. You must go to SharePoint to change the name of the folder.

Connectors keep your team current by delivering content and updates from services you frequently use directly into a channel.

Delete this channel – By default, everyone is allowed to delete a channel. Team owners can change the permission on who is allowed to delete channels [under Manage Team > Settings > Member permissions/Guest permissions].

Team owners can bring back a channel that was deleted. 

  1. Hover over team name and click on More options [...] to the right of the name
  2. Click Manage team 
  3. Select the Channels tab from the top menu 
  4. Below all of your Active channels, click on the Deleted dropdown option.  [see screenshot]

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