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Custom Lists

A custom list is a collection of information, such as contacts, resources, supplies lists, etc. With custom lists, you are able to sort and filter based on columns which you create. Multiple lists can be added to the team site.

How to add a custom list:

  1. Click the +New icon in the top menu and select List. [see screenshot]
  2. Give the list a name and choose whether or not to have the list link show in the site navigation. [see screenshot]
  3. If you deselect Show in site navigation, you will find the list in Site Contents [Settings > Site contents].
  4. Click Create

How to add columns to a list:

  1. Open the list, click +Add column, then select the type of column you want to add. [see screenshot]
  2. Name the column, ensure Type is correct, and select More options to review additional selections. [see screenshot]
  3. When done adding columns, click Save.

How to edit a list:

The two ways to edit a list are +New and Quick edit tools found in the top menu. [see screenshot]

To edit using the +New tool:

  1. Click +New in the top menu.
  2. A panel will open and you can complete each row using this form. [see screenshot]

To edit using the Quick edit tool:

  1. Click Quick edit in the top menu. 
  2. Select the cell you wish to edit. [see screenshot]
  3. Begin typing in the cells and use the tab key on your keyboard to move across cells.
  4. Data can be copied and pasted from Excel. Ensure the names and order of columns match before copying and pasting.
  5. To save, click Exit quick edit.

How to create a custom view of a list:

  1. Click on the name of each column to sort and filter the information in a list.
  2. Click All items and select Save view as. [see screenshot]
  3. Name this view and click Save. [see screenshot]
  4. The new name will now show instead of All items. Click on the new view name and choose Edit current view. [see screenshot]
  5. Scroll down the filter section and click the button next to Show items only when the following is true.
  6. In the first drop down box, select the name of the column you want to filter. 
  7. Leave the default is equal to, then type the item to be filtered[see screenshot]
  8. Once you are finished sorting and filtering, scroll to the bottom and click OK.

How to delete a custom view of a list:

  1. Click on the name of name of the view you want to delete.
  2. Select Edit current view.
  3. Click Delete located at the top-right of the page.

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