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Now that you’ve set up your KU Online ID and password, KU will provide you with a university email account that will by default be set to your OnlineID@ku.edu. You are encouraged to create an email alias when you first create your account. If you want to create additional aliases, visit myidentity.ku.edu. For university conducted business, use your KU email account as it complies with all university policies.

Most faculty and staff use Microsoft Outlook to check email and manage their calendar. If you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, you are also able to view your email, calendar, and more at mail.ku.edu wherever you have an internet connection.

Additional features are available to enhance the security of your email, including digital signatures, which provide a verification of your identity as the sender, and email encryption. This provides end-to-end encryption of digital messages. Email encryption requires both the sender and the receiver of the email to have email encryption enabled. Check with your department regarding digital signature requirements.


Your KU email account also includes an associated calendar. By default, others at KU can view your busy/free time, making it a helpful tool for coordinating meetings with faculty and staff.

Connecting from your mobile device

You have the option of connecting your KU email account and calendar to your mobile device, but it is not required. Visit the Knowledge Base at knowledgebase.ku.edu for instructions on how to configure your device to access your email and calendar. If you have questions or concerns regarding adding KU email to your phone, contact your tech support staff for help and information on policies.

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Training Workshops

KU faculty, staff and students can sign up for courses at no cost at workshops.ku.edu.

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