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Before the Migration

KU is moving all email accounts to Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service this semester to take advantage of additional features and enhanced security. After much testing, we are now ready to move KU email accounts to the cloud.

How to know when your mailbox will be moved:

You will receive an email message letting you know your email account will be migrated to the cloud within the next 24 hours. Unfortunately, technical variables prevent us from telling you in advance exactly when the process will be complete. Because you might briefly lose access to your email immediately following migration, we encourage you to review and bookmark our After the Migration page now so you can visit it after migration to resolve any issues.

How to know when you’re in the cloud:

There are a few ways to know when your email account has been migrated:

  • We will send you an email when your email account migration is complete.
  • You might receive a pop-up message in Outlook on your KU workstation.
  • Outlook on your KU workstation might stop working.
  • You can no longer send/receive emails on your mobile device.

You also can contact your IT support staff or the IT Customer Service Center (785-864-8080 | itcsc@ku.edu) to see if your email account migration is complete.

What to do after your account is in the cloud:

Go to rockcha.lk/in-the-cloud for detailed instructions after verifying your email account is in the cloud.

On your KU workstation:

  • If you receive a pop-up message in Outlook on your KU workstation, click “Okay.”
  • Restart your desktop Outlook client if you are prompted to do so.
  • If you continue to have issues accessing email, restart your KU workstation.
  • Contact your IT support staff or the IT Customer Service Center (785-864-8080 | itcsc@ku.edu) if you continue to experience issues with accessing your email.

If you check email using an app on your mobile device:

  • If you can’t connect to email after migration, you will need to delete and re-install your KU email account on your mobile device. In doing so, you should format the account name as KUOnlineID@home.ku.edu (e.g., a123b456@home.ku.edu).
  • On Android devices, you may also have to reconnect other apps that sync to the KU mail server, such as your calendar app. Connect these using the same KUOnlineID@home.ku.edu (e.g., a123b456@home.ku.edu) format.

What will be different in the cloud?

  • You’ll check your email online at outlook.office365.com going forward, rather than mail.ku.edu. Be sure to change any bookmarks.
  • If you use multi-factor authentication (Duo) to log in, you will need to use it when accessing your email account online.
  • Manage voicemail settings at voicemail.ku.edu.
  • You’ll see a significant increase in your default mailbox storage size.
  • You can check shared and/or departmental accounts using the Outlook mobile app.

If you need assistance after the migration, please contact your IT support staff or the IT Customer Service Center (785-864-8080 | itcsc@ku.edu).

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