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File Storage

Teams is a Microsoft product so files are stored on the same Microsoft servers as OneDrive and myCommunity. It is recommended that you do not store any files containing HIPAA information, payment processing info, or social security numbers within Teams.

Where do I find the files?

Each channel has its own area for keeping files, separate from the other channels. Open a channel and select the Files tab at the top. (see screenshot)

When in the Conversations tab within a channel, you can attach a file to a post using the paperclip icon (see screenshot). This will also upload the attached file to the Files tab in that channel.

SharePoint Back-up

Your Microsoft Team also comes with a Team Site in myCommunity. All files back-up to the document library found on that Team Site which you can access by clicking Open in Sharepoint in the Files tab. (see screenshot)

OneDrive Back-up

Any files you share in a private chat within Microsoft Teams will be available in the chat itself and also saved to your KU OneDrive account. See the OneDrive pages for information on using OneDrive.

  • The sender of the file will see a folder in their OneDrive labelled "Microsoft Teams Chat Files"
  • The receiver will find the file under the "Shared with me" section of OneDrive


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