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File Storage Options

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Central File Storage or CFS provides you and your department with server-based storage that is hosted by KU. On your KU managed computer, you should see at least two storage locations in your file browser—a group storage option that appears on your computer as “G Drive,” or a personal storage option that appears on your computer as “V Drive”. Talk within your department to learn more about the storage locations and permissions to access files.

Note: If you are using a Mac or one of the few non-centrally managed departments on campus, your storage locations may be different. Talk with your tech support staff and department for shared drive information.

Please note that when you are working off campus or not using the Jayhawk Wireless network, you will need to use KU’s VPN to access this network storage.

If you are conducting research at KU, we have additional options available to you. Talk with your tech staff to learn more about Research File Storage or RFS and any other additional options.

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