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General Security Recommendations

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You are a crucial part of keeping our information secure at KU. In addition to keeping your password secure, you should restart your computer regularly—at least once a week but ideally more often. When you restart your computer, it will automatically update your computer with any patches that may be put in place to fix security vulnerabilities.

While KU IT strives to make these updates happen regularly, and with minimal disruption, in emergency situations an update may be required to take place immediately. In these cases, it is possible for KU IT to restart your computer remotely.

In addition to restarting your computer, you should lock your computer when you walk away from it. At the end of the day, you should log off or turn off your computer.

A note for Windows users:
Windows updates will take place automatically as needed. Some updates require your computer to be restarted to finish installing. If you have not restarted your computer within two weeks of the completed update, you will receive a windows message window instructing you that a restart is needed.



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