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Manage Members & Permissions

Currently, there are three permission groups in a Team:

  • Owner - max of 100 per Team.
  • Member and Guest - max of 10,000 per Team.
  • Guests are users external to KU.

Permissions apply to the entire permission group and cannot be customized for individuals. 

Add people and assign roles
  1. Click on the More options [...] next to the Team name and select Manage Team. [see screenshot]
  2. Under Members, you can see who is in the Owner, Member, and Guest groups.
  • Owners can remove Members and Guests by clicking the "X" next to the person's name. [see screenshot]
  • To remove other owners, you must first change their role to member, then click the "X" next to the person's name. 
  • Owners can change the Role of a member or owner by clicking on their current role. [see screenshot
  • The Guests role cannot be changed.
  • Add a new member by clicking Add Member, type in their email address or name, and click on Add.
Manage Team Permissions

To view or change permission settings:

  • Click on More options [...] next to the Team name and select Manage team. [see screenshot]
  • Click the Settings tab at the top menu. [see screenshot]

You can manage a variety of permissions from this area, such as:

  • members' ability to create private channels
  • ability to edit and delete messages
  • who can use Mentions
  • who can create new Tabs
  • enabling GIFs and stickers
Guest access and permissions

Guest/member comparison chart

Guests have fewer permissions than members. You can view this comparison chart to see the differences in member and guest capabilities. 

Guest access

When an external user has been added to a Team, they will receive an email and must accept the invitation by selecting Open Microsoft Teams before they can access the team and its channels. 

Guest users who have an email address that is associated with Microsoft 365 or a Gmail account can access Teams directly. If the guest is using a personal account other than Gmail or doesn't yet have a Microsoft account associated with their email address, they'll be directed to create a Microsoft account for free. 

If you are a guest in another organization's team, you can access that team by clicking on the down arrow by The University of Kansas in the top-right of your screen next to your image. 

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