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Manage Permissions

Currently, there are two permission groups in a Team:

  • Owner - max of 10 per Team.
  • Member - max of 999 per Team.

Permissions apply to the whole Team and cannot be customized for individual channels.

Manage Permissions

  1. Click on the "..." next to the Team name and select Manage Team. (see screenshot)
  2. Under Members, you can see who is in the Owner and Member groups.
  3. Owners can remove Members by clicking the "X" on a person's name. (see screenshot)
  4. Owners can also change the Role of a person by clicking on their current role. (see screenshot)
  5. Add a new member by clicking Add Member, type in their email address or name, and click on Add.
    Currently, non-KU people cannot be added to a team.


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