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Notifications are alerts that there is activity or someone has mentioned you in the feed. There are a few ways that notifications work in Teams and you have options to customize what you will receive and how. 

By default, you will only receive a notification when:

  • Someone mentions you in a post
  • Mentions the whole team
  • You choose to follow a channel for all updates.

Set Notification Preferences

From Settings, you can change email, banner, and feed preferences :

  1. Click on your profile in the upper-right corner of the Teams window.
  2. Click on Settings. [see screenshot]
  3. Select Notifications and choose your preferences.

From the Channel, you can change banner and feed preferences. Email preference is not an option here:

  1. Hover over channel, then click on More options [...] to the right of your channel. [see screenshot]
  2. Click on Channel Notifications and choose your preferences.

Mention a person or team

When posting in a channel, use the "@" symbol followed by the name of a person, channel, or the name of the team. This will send a notification to that person or team based on their preferences. [see screenshot]

Hide/show channels

By default, all channels in your team are visible, allowing you to receive channel notifications. If a channel is not relevant to your work, you can hide the channel: 

  1. Hover over channel, then click on More options [...] to the right of the channel.  
  2. Click on Hide channel. [see screenshot]

Your hidden channels will be condensed under Hidden channels in your list, but will remain available if you want to bring them back at a later time. Once you hide a channel or team, you will no longer receive notifications until you bring them back. 

To bring the channel back:

  1. Hover over Hidden channel and click on the arrow > to the right of your channel. 
  2. Click on the team you want to Show. [see screenshot]


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