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Potential Post-Migration Behavior

From our extensive testing, we've identified a few items that may happen as we progress through the migration.

If you experience any of these issues, or others, please contact either your local tech support staff or our Customer Service Center at itcsc@ku.edu or call 785-864-8080 for assistance.

Time required to rebuild all search indexes and calendars:
After the migration, it may take up to 24 hours for all email searches and calendar information such as free/busy to be updated.
Unable to approve/send a message sent to a moderated distribution list:
If you send an email message to a Distribution List that is moderated, but the moderator is not yet in the cloud, they will be unable to approve your message for sending. Once the moderator has lalso been migrated, this issue should no longer persist.
Unable to send as a Shared Account if the shared mailbox has not yet been migrated:
Until both accounts have been migrated to the cloud, you may be unable to send as that shared mailbox. Once both accounts have been migrated, you will be able to send as that shared mailbox in the same way as pre-migration. If you are a delegate, you will still be able to send on behalf of that account. Until the shared mailbox has been migrated you can access the shared mailbox directly at https://mail.ku.edu/owa/emailaddress@ku.edu.
Repeated authentication pop-ups and/or email and calendar invitations stuck in Outbox of departmental/shared accounts:
If your departmental account was added to your profile incorrectly (screenshot below), after the migration all sent emails and calendar invitations from the account will remain in the Outbox. Once the mailbox has been added correctly, you will be able to send from the account again. Here you can find directions on how to correctly add your department shared account.
Unable to view free/busy on KUMC calendars:
KUMC has already migrated all mailboxes to the cloud. Because of this, viewing KUMC free/busy will not work until mid-March 2020.
Unable to send or receive email from my mobile device after the migration.
For smart phones and tablets, KU email accounts will need to be removed and added again. You can find detailed instructions for your device on the After the migration page.

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