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Skype for Business - Phone Service Basics

Course description: 

Learn how to become more mobile with the Skype for Business Phone Service, an extension to Skype for Business that adds a voice telephony feature to the standard Skype client. With the Skype for Business Phone Service, you can make and receive telephone calls from numbers internal and external to KU from almost anywhere using your computer, smartphone, and/or tablet. In addition to making and receiving calls, Skype for Business Phone Service offers Unified Messaging via your Outlook mailbox. Your voice messages will be delivered to you within Outlook and can be retrieved via phone, web, or desktop. This course lasts one hour with the last 30 minutes being an optional review of the physical Skype-enabled phones.

What you should already know: 

You should have a basic knowledge of how to use Skype for Business, including navigating the interface, adding contacts, using instant messaging, and adding voice and video. 

What you will learn: 

By the end of class, you will learn how to place and answer calls, place calls on hold or in park, and both blind transfers and consultative transfers while on a call. You will also learn how to send instant messages and add people to your contact groups.

What you will need: 

For this course, you will need your KU Online ID and password. You will also need a headset, however, the instructor will have headsets available if needed. The instructor will plug in Skype-enabled phones for the optional last 30 minutes.

Course objectives: 

By the end of this course:

  • Learn how to make and answer phone calls using Skype for Business Phone Service
  • Build confidence using call features, such as hold, transfer, the dial pad, and forwarding
  • Understand call forwarding and simultaneous ring options
  • Become familiar with the various ways to check and respond to voicemail
Instructor-led Course Time: 
90 minutes
Course outline: 
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Objectives
  4. What is Skype for Business?
    1. Benefits
  5. Using the desktop client
    1. Tour of interface
    2. How make calls
    3. How to answer calls
    4. Options while on a call
    5. How to send instant messages
  6. Customizing your settings
    1. Where the settings can be found
    2. Call forwarding
    3. Secondary ringer
    4. Adding delegates
  7. Voicemail
    1. Accessing voicemail
    2. Setting up or changing voicemail pin
  8. Skype enabled desk phone (optional)
    1. Optional for those who also have physical skype enabled phones
    2. Practice time on using the phone
    3. Changing settings on the phone
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