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Working with Apps and Pages

A team site is made up of pages and apps. The apps, such as calendar, list, and document library are named for the specific function they offer. There are no limits to the amount of apps or pages you can add to your site.

Click on the topics within each tab to expand and collapse the information as needed.

Pages in a team site, are similar to pages in any website; the page consists of content and apps pieced together. A page is helpful as you are able to see mutliple types of content, and apps, in one place rather than going to each specific place for that content or app.

Add a new page

  1. Click the settings icon and select Add a page. [see screenshot]
  2. Rename the page by clicking on Name your page and typing the new name. [see screenshot]
  3. Change or remove the background image with the tools on the left. [see screenshot]
  4. Use the plus signs to add new sections and web parts to the page. [see screenshot]
  5. Add content or an app by clicking the center plus sign and selecting which app or content type to add. [see screenshot]
  6. When done, click Save and close.
  7. Make sure to Publish the page after saving.

Edit an exisiting page

  1. Navigate to the page and click Edit. [see screenshot]
  2. Make your changes as needed; if you need to edit settings for a web part use the options in the black bar on the left. [see screenshot]
  3. When finished, click Save and close. [see screenshot]
  4. Make sure to Publish. [see screenshot]

Delete a page

  1. In the quick launch, click on Pages. [see screenshot]
  2. Check the circle for any pages you want to delete.
  3. Either click Delete at the top, or click the ellipses icon then Delete. [see screenshot]


Calendars are great for keeping track of team events, meetings, and projects. Multiple calendars can be added to the team site and can also be synced to your Outlook calendar.

How to add a calendar to a site:

  1. Click on the settings icon and select Add an app. [see screenshot]
  2. From the list, click on calendar.
  3. Give the calendar a name and click Create.
  4. This will take you to the Site Contents page, find the calendar in the list and click the name.

How to add events to a calendar:

  1. Option one, click on the day and click the add button.
  2. Option two, click the Events tab and click New Event. [see screenshot]
  3. Enter the details of the event, if it's a series check the box for recurring event.
  4. Click Save.

How to sync a calendar to Outlook:

Note: the calendar only syncs from myCommunity to Outlook, it does not sync from Outlook to myCommunity.

  1. Click on the Calendar tab and select Connect to Outlook. [see screenshot]
  2. Click Open in Outlook 2016 from the popup. [see screenshot]

Custom Lists

A custom list is a collection of information, such as contacts, resources, supplies lists, etc. With custom lists, you are able to sort and filter based on columns which you create. Multiple lists can be added to the team site.

How to add a custom list:

  1. Click the Settings icon and select Add an app. [see screenshot]
  2. From the list, click on Custom List.
  3. Give the list a name and click Create.
  4. This will take you to the Site Contents screen, find the list you created and click on the name.

How to add columns to a list:

  1. Open the list and click edit this list. [see screenshot]
  2. Click the + sign and select the type of column. [see screenshot]
  3. Type the column and name and hit the enter key on your keyboard.
  4. When done adding columns, click stop editing this list.

How to edit a list:

  1. Open the list and click edit this list. [see screenshot]
  2. Begin typing in the cells and use the tab key on your keyboard to move across cells.
  3. Data can be copied and pasted from excel. Ensure the names and order of columns match before copying and pasting.
  4. When finished, click stop editing this list.

How to create a custom view of a list:

  1. Click on the name of each column to sort and filter the information in a list.
  2. Once you are finished sorting and filtering, click save this view. [see screenshot]
  3. Give the view a name and decide if it is a personal or public view.
  4. The custom view will appear at the top of the list for easy access next time. [see screenshot]

Document Libraries

When you create a team site, it comes included with one document library. Additional document libraries can be added as needed, which is useful when a group of documents needs different permissions than another group.

How to add a document library:

  1. Click the Settings icon and select Add an app.
  2. From the list, click on Document library.
  3. Type in the name for the library and click Ok.
  4. This will take you to the Site Contents screen, from here find your new library in the list and click on the name.
  5. Start adding columns and documents as needed.

How to add columns to a document library:

  1. Open the document library
  2. Click on + Add column. [see screenshot]
  3. Select the type of field you need.
  4. Give the column a name and description then click Save. [see screenshot]

How to add folders and files:

  1. Open the library and click New then select Folder. [see screenshot]
  2. Next to New, click Upload to add individual files or folders from your computer.
  3. To make changes to a document or move it, click the ellipses icon. [see screenshot]

Create a custom view of a library:

Document librarys offer the ability to sort and filter based on your columns. Custom views are a way to save those filtering conditions for easy access.

  1. Open the filter panel by clicking on the funnel icon. [see screenshot]
  2. Select the desired filter options which are based on your columns.
  3. Close the filter panel by clicking on the funnel icon again.
  4. Click on the view panel and select Save view as. [see screenshot]
  5. Give the custom view a name. Check the box for public view if you want the view to be available to all users of the site. [see screenshot]
  6. Click Save.
  7. The view is now available to use anytime from the view panel of that document library.


The tasks app offers to ability to create and track project tasks, and also assign those tasks to members of the site. 

How to add the tasks app:

  1. Click on the settings icon and select Add an app.
  2. From the list, click on Tasks.
  3. Give the task list a name and click Create.
  4. From the site contents page, click on the task list you just created.
  5. The Task app will now appear in the Quick Launch under Recent. To add it permanently to the Quick Launch, click EDIT LINKS and drag and drop the link to the desired location.

How to add a task to the list:

  1. Open the tasks list.
  2. Click new task.
  3. Enter the details and assign to a user
  4. Click Ok.

How to manage a task:

  1. Open the tasks app
  2. Find the task and click the ellipses icon.
  3. Open will show more details for the task, Add to timeline will add the task to the visual timeline above the list, Create subtask will create a subtask of the main task. [see screenshot]
  4. Click Open, then click Edit task to make changes and log progress. [see screenshot]
  5. To mark a task as complete, check the box next to it in the tasks list. [see screenshot]

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