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Working with Tabs

Tabs allow team members to access services and content in a dedicated space within a channel or in a chat. Owners and team members can add tabs to a channel, private chat, and group chat to help integrate their cloud services.

Default tabs

Every channel comes with two default tabs: Posts tabs provide a dedicated space for conversations in a channel, and the Files tab is where you upload, create, and share all of the files pertinent to that channel. 

Learn more about Posts and Files features by clicking on the respective links in the left navigation

Additional tabs

  • Additional tabs can be created to quickly access apps or data. 
  • If you want to create a tab for a PDF, Excel, Word, or PowerPoint, the files must be uploaded to the Files tab before they can be converted to a new tab.

Create a new tab 

  1. Open the channel and click the + Add a tab icon located at the top of your screen to the right of your default tabs. [see screenshot]
  2. Choose from the available apps and connectors within Teams, such as OneNote, Planner, Forms, etc. 
  3. You can also search for an app or click on More Apps to browse the entire list. [see screenshot]

Common Apps

Find more information on some common Microsoft apps, such as Planner, Forms, and TBookings. 

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