Adobe Premiere Rush


Adobe Premiere Rush is the free mobile and desktop video editing app. It is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro, so it’s a great app for beginners or for those who want to work and publish on the go.

System Requirements

Your computer and/or devices must meet the minimum technical specifications to run and use Adobe Premiere Rush.

Optimize Rendering and Performance

If you experience problems during playback, you can manage some settings in your preferences to help. 

Access Premiere Rush


Students can download a free version of Rush and will get 3 exports. After that, you will need to subscribe. 

Faculty and Staff

You can install Abode Premiere Rush on your work computer by going through the Creative Cloud Suite. 

  1. Search for Creative Cloud in the Search field. 
  2. Open the Creative Cloud app. 
    View ScreenshotType keyword in search field at the left in taskbar.
  3. Find Premiere Rush among the options.
  4. Click Install. 

After you have installed the app, you can access it by typing Rush in the search field > Open. You can pin the app to your taskbar for easy access.
View ScreenshotType keyword in search field at the left in taskbar.

How to Use Adobe Rush

Adobe has organized a user guide for Premiere Rush on their site that is informative and easy to navigate. The guide provides step by step instructions to help you use all of the tools in Rush. 

Flashing Image from Workshop

This short video shows step by step actions to recreate the flashing image created in the workshop. 

Update Rush

To update any Creative Cloud app, first open Creative Cloud:

  1. Open the Creative Cloud app by selecting the shortcut if available on your desktop or bring it up in your search window.
    View ScreenshotType keyword in search field at the left in taskbar.
  2. Scroll to find available updates, select Update Available, then the Update button to start the update.
    View ScreenshotClick on Update Available to start the update.

You can set your apps to update automatically, but occasionally it may not work. It is always a good idea to follow instructions above to ensure your apps have updated.