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Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign provides a secure way to electronically obtain signatures, making it easier to record customers’ acknowledgement of important documents. With it, you can easily send documents, request signatures, track and manage the signing process.

Please note:

  • Adobe Sign is only needed for signatures from parties external to KU.
  • Documents needing a signature from a KU student or employee do not require the use of Adobe Sign. In these instances, the “Fill & Sign” function within Adobe Acrobat will be sufficient.
  • It is still acceptable and often easier to send a PDF for the recipient to print, sign, scan and email back. This is the recommended option whenever practical.
  • The KU Policy Library has entries on electronic signatures and the approval process for executing contracts on behalf of the university.

Please talk to your supervisor about whether or not Adobe Sign is appropriate for particular use cases.

For help with Adobe Sign, please contact your departmental IT support staff or the IT Customer Service Center at itcsc@ku.edu or 785-864-8080. 


Please see this quick-start guide to familarize yourself with Adobe Sign.

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