Digital Signage


KU's Digital Signage solution provides a single campus-wide system to support the informational, promotional, branding and emergency broadcast needs of the University overall, as well as individual schools and departments.

Schools and departments can engage students, visitors, faculty and staff with dynamic, multimedia content displayed on flat-screens in building lobbies, offices and other common areas. In addition to reaching audiences within their own building spaces, participants in Digital Signage can submit content for distribution on monitors across campus.

Contact KU IT Media Production staff if you are interested in implementation of digital signage display for your unit. 

Media Production Studios: | 864-6452


A template refers to a predetermined sketch of the zones on a screen. When you join the digital signage network, you agree to use the provided KU template. Visitors across campus will see a consistent and cohesive brand presence, while still seeing some unique content at each location of digital signage screens. 

The template that is currently in use is shown below. 

A. Unit Name Header 

A text area reserved for the name of the department or unit. 

B. Current Time

Will display the current time of day

C. Local Playlist

The large central zone is reserved for the local playlist. This zone will be populated by content that is relevant to your specific audience and location. Departments are responsible for creating their own playlist to display here. Common topics for content include departmental announcements, images promoting upcoming events, recognition of students or faculty, or photos from a recent event or presentation. If you wish to add to the local playlist on a screen, contact the admin for that display. 

D. Campus-wide Playlist

The campus-wide playlist will show content from across campus. All content shared in this area has been approved to play on screens across campus. While the department signage administrator does not have access to change this playlist, they are welcome to submit content to play campus-wide. You can expect to see messages promoting campus events including orientation, hawk week, family weekend, commencement, finals, announcements, and student organizations. Learn more about submitting content to the campus-wide playlist.

E. Message or Event Playlist

Text-only messages populate this region.  Good for time-dependent information or event announcements.


Campus-wide Playlist Requirements

In order for your content to be approved to play on the campus-wide playlist, you must meet the following criteria when submitting your content. 

1. Content must abide by the KU visual identity standards. Read the visual identity standards to be sure that the artwork you submit does not violate any of the rules about the KU logo, unit signatures, Jayhawks, or seal.  

2. Signage must adhere to KU signage policy. Read through the KU signage policy to be sure that the artwork you submit does not violate signage related rules. 

  • No corporate logos can be used on any digital signage except for University and/or Kansas Athletics Inc. contracts, i.e. Coca-Cola.  Events, lectures, activities sponsored and/or hosted by donors, corporate sponsors and/or non-profit agencies can be listed by name.
  • Videos produced to be shown on monitors must be captioned.

3. Avoid Date and Time confusion. Avoid using words that make the date of your event ambiguous. For instance, if your message runs for 12 days, the words "tomorrow" or "this weekend" could be confusing to the user.

4. State who is presenting the message. Your message must include the name of the department, group, organization, or sponsor presenting the message.‚Äč

5. Images must match the size of the zone. The campus-wide playlist is 680 x 510 pixels which is a 4:3 aspect ratio. If you wish to submit content that is 16:9 ratio, your content will be placed in a template that adjusts the padding of the zone so that it can still be displayed. 

Playlist notes


Your message will play for a maximum of 30 days on the campus-wide playlist.

Message timing

Your message will play for 8-12 seconds.


Your message will be placed in a rotation of other campus content and frequency may vary.

How to Submit Content

To submit your content to be added to the campus-playlist, complete the form below. You will be contacted by a representative from KU IT about your submission. 



Add Image to Main Content

Add Message to Sidebar

View or Manage Content Block Playlist


If you are interested in finding out more about the Campus Digital Signage Program, you may reach them at the contact information below. A KU IT representative will be in touch with your to provide more information about the program and process for getting enrolled. 

KU IT Responsibility

  • Centralized server and content database
  • Staff for support and maintenance of the server
  • Assist units in equipment purchase, installation and configuration
  • Managing software licenses
  • User accounts
  • User training and support
  • Upgrades to software

Media Production Studios: | 864-6452