Comparison OneDrive SharePoint Teams


There are a lot of shared functionality between OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, and Teams. The following will cover basic functions and recommendations for when to use each app. 

View video for app comparison.

OneDrive at a Glance

This is your personal drive that provides 1T of storage space. 

  • OneDrive, one person.
  • Share links to files and folders to internal and external audiences.
  • Manage editing and downloading for shared files.
  • Sync files to local computer to work offline.
  • Co-author files in real time.
  • Version history.
  • Create shortcuts between OneDrive and SharePoint.

OneDrive Recommendation

Do not use OneDrive for files others will need access to if you were to leave. You should keep those files in a shared space so others' access will be seamless. 

SharePoint at a Glance

  • Group file storage and collaboration.
  • Manage permissions and restrict access to files, libraries, subsites, etc.
  • Create automated workflows between Microsoft apps and services. Can be used for approvals, data collection, synchronize files, etc.
  • Can integration a variety of Microsoft apps for productivity.
  • Group calendar.
  • Common features with OneDrive:
    • Co-author files
    • Share links to files
    • Sync to local computer
    • Version history

SharePoint Recommendation

Use SharePoint if you have files that others in your unit/department will need access and to group collaboration. This could include committees, team projects, etc. 

You can add a Team to your SharePoint site at a later time. 

Teams at a Glance

Teams is a communication hub. When a Team is created, it also creates a SharePoint site in the background. You get all the functionality of SharePoint with the added communication tools. 

  • Group messaging with those on your team.
  • Chat privately with anyone at KU (this will eventually replace Skype for Business).
  • Video conferencing.
  • Integration of other Microsoft apps to help with organization, collect data, etc. 
  • SharePoint site in the background with all of its functionality, including file creation, storage, sharing, syncing, permissions, automated workflows, etc. 

Teams Recommendation

Use Teams if you foresee a need for communication between your members. This could be great for committees, task force work, team projects, etc. 


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