Teams-Enabled Phones

Available Poly Phones

KU is using five models of Teams-enabled phones:

Learn more about these models: 

CCX 505 & 600 Touchscreen

CCX 350 Button Phone

C60 Conference Touchscreen

MP50 Yealink


Phone Sign In

Because these are Teams-enabled phones, you will need to sign in to use them.

You have the choice of using your individual Teams account by signing in with your KU credentials or using department account for your phones. To use your department account, contact the Tech Support staff in your department for assistance. 

Teams Calls

Most features in Teams Calls from your computer or device are available on your phones. Instructions for the physical phones can be found at each phone's page using the links above.

If you need to use Teams Calls from your computer or device, you can find instructions on our Teams Calls page.