Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is the online cloud-based suite that includes simplified, online versions of popular Microsoft software. You can use Microsoft 365 to share and collaborate with people inside and outside your organization. You can access and edit these documents at the same time as others using either the online version or the full desktop software.

You have access to Microsoft 365, which includes OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft apps like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You can install Microsoft 365 on up to 5 personal devices:

  1. Go to Microsoft 365 landing page and log-in using your user ID an password
  2. Click on Install Office
    View ScreenshotSelect All apps at bottom of left edge of screen.
  3. Choose Microsoft 365 apps


  • Use Microsoft Online to view and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files in a web browser
  • Store documents in Microsoft 365 and access them seamlessly in Microsoft desktop applications as old as Office 2007
  • Access and edit documents from your phone, tablet, or other mobile device
  • Collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files, including simultaneous co-authoring

Note: The online version of Microsoft does not contain all of the features of the desktop software. For a list of the differences, see Microsoft's Online Service Description Page.

Productivity Apps

There are number of other productivity apps available to your that help you collect data, book meetings, organize tasks for yourself and oversee the tasks of others, create automated processes, etc. 

To view all available apps on the Microsoft App Landing page, go to the top left corner of the site and click on the 9-dot app launcher. This icon is present on SharePoint sites, OneDrive, and the web version of Teams. 
View ScreenshotSelect Install Office, then Office 365 apps.

Learn How to Use Microsoft 365

There are several workshops that cover Microsoft 365 apps, which can be found on our Workshops web site.

If you are interested in learning more about an app not offered in a workshop, our training team can provide desk side assistance for the following apps:  

Contact our team for deskside support.  |  785-864-5155

Access to MS 365 apps

All faculty and staff will be assigned to KU's  A5 license giving them access to all Microsoft apps available in that licensing. However, in one year's time, if users have not logged into any Microsoft 365 service beside email, they will be downgraded to the A1 license. 

If users need access to the A5 license, they may reclaim the A5 license via the identity portal

Compare OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams

Some of Microsoft's apps have same or similar features and it can be challenging to know which app to use when. Check out our video to help explain the similaries and differences. 

Microsoft Update, Teams Tips

Updates and new features for Microsoft 365 apps, including Teams, can be found in our public team, KU Teams User Group. A channel in this team is dedicated to Microsoft 365 apps. In addition to updates, members are invited to ask questions and share information.

If you need assistance joining the team, reach out to us at and we will add you to this team.