Virtual Desktop


Virtual Desktop is a technology service that allows students to remotely access and use software from their computer or smart device. Faculty are able to access Virtual Desktop for instructional purposes. Those using the service must save any work to OneDrive as no files are saved within Virtual Desktop.


  1. Browse to Virtual Desktop.
  2. Enter your KU email address (for example:
  3. Log in using your KU Online ID (for example:  j123h456) and password.
  4. Log in using Duo if applicable.
  5. Select your preference to stay logged in or not.
  6. Select an available Desktop. (Note: Students will typically only see one available desktop.)
  7. In the Allow Local Resources screen, select clipboard, printer and file transfer (preview).
    View ScreenshotAccess preview screen selections.  
  8. Select Allow.
  9. Enter your KU password.
  10. Select OK at the Authorized Access Only screen.
  11. Once the desktop loads, use the Search menu to find available software.
    View ScreenshotSearch field.

Software Available Through Virtual Desktop

iOS Directions

Android Directions

Save to OneDrive

Virtual Desktop through Microsoft does not support saving files directly to your machine. To access files created on the virtual desktop from other devices, they will need to be saved to OneDrive. Your KU OneDrive account is automatically configured on the remote desktop and can be found in the file explorer. 

  1. Save As in the software you are working in or press Ctrl/Cmd S on the keyboard. 
  2. In file explorer navigate to the OneDrive - University of Kansas folder.
    View ScreenshotOneDrive in file explorer.
  3. Create a new folder in OneDrive if applicable.
  4. Name your file.
  5. Select Save.