Mailman is a web-based email list manager. Unlike a KU Group List that can only contain KU email addresses, Mailman lists can include non-KU email addresses. Mailman allows list owners to create and modify lists, as well as add and remove subscribers through the admin panel. List subscribers can also modify their subscriptions and preferences.

Access Mailman

  1. Type in a URL starting with: https:// then add: Replace /list-name with the name of the list.
  2. Login in with the password sent by email when the list was created.

Adding List Members

  1. Go to your list's administration page at list’s name)where (your list’s name) is replaced with the actual name of your list.
  2. Log in with your administrative password that was sent in the email when your list was created.
  3. Click on Membership Management then click on Mass Subscription.
  4. Take note of the mass subscription options and change them if necessary.
  5. Add the addresses by either:
  • Entering them in the text area using a separate line for each address. Format as:
    • Name of the person <> to add email address with subscriber’s name.
  • Or, simply type the email address. Uploading a .txt or .csv file containing the email address using Browse. Note: If using the .csv option, the system will skip the first row.
  1. Optionally, enter a personalized message that will be added at the top of the subscription notification if you left the default option selected which sends messages to new subscribers.
  2. Click Submit Your Changes.


For support with your list, to delete a list, or to retrieve an administrative password, contact the KU IT Customer Service Center at or 785-864-8080.