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Department Email Accounts

Departmental email accounts are owned by the department or team, for example training@ku.edu.

Benefits of Department Email Accounts

  • A departmental account email address can be used on brochures, web pages, letterhead, etc. If staff changes, you won't have to reprint this material.
  • People who want to contact an office don't need to know the name of the person doing a particular task in order to send email to your office.
  • Messages in the departmental account are available year-after-year, which eases transition issues as staffing changes occur.
  • Messages can be answered in a timely manner because multiple individuals will have access to the account.
  • Email sent to the departmental account will not count against personal mailbox limits. The departmental account mailbox has its own 2 GB storage limit.

How to add a department mailbox to Outlook

The KU Knowledgebase Articles below will guide you through adding your department account inbox to your Outlook.

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