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Document Libraries

When you create a team site, it comes with one document library. Additional document libraries can be added as needed, which is useful when a group of documents needs different permissions than another group.

How to add a document library:

  1. Click the +New icon in the top menu and select Document library.
  2. Type in the name for the library and choose whether or not to have a link to the library in the site navigation. [see screenshot]
  3. If you deselect Show in site navigation, you will find the list in Site Contents [Settings > Site contents].
  4. Start adding columns and documents as needed.

How to add columns to a document library:

  1. Open the document library
  2. Click on + Add column. [see screenshot]
  3. Select the type of field you need.
  4. Give the column a name and description then click Save. [see screenshot]

How to add folders and files:

  • Open the library and click +New then select a file or folder. [see screenshot]
  • Next to +New, click Upload to add individual files or folders from your computer.
  • Drag and drop files or folders from your computer into the library.  [see screenshot]
  • To locate the menu to move the document, view version history, etc., hover your mouse over the document and click the More options [...] icon. [see screenshot]

Create a custom view of a library:

Document libraries offer the ability to sort and filter based on your columns. Custom views are a way to save those filtering conditions for easy access.

  1. Sort items together by clicking on column header and selecting Ascending or Descending.
  2. Open the filter panel by clicking on the funnel icon and select the desired filter options which are based on your columns. [see screenshot]
  3. Click on the All Documents from the top-right gray bar and select Save view as. [see screenshot]
  4. Give the custom view a name. Check the box for public view if you want the view to be available to all users of the site. [see screenshot]
  5. Click Save.
  6. The view is now available to use anytime from the view panel of that document library.

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