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Educational Technologies

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As an instructor at KU, you have access to technology in the classroom, as well as online to support your teaching. Our Educational Technologists provide insight and expertise in helping you choose the most effective tools and resources to meet your teaching and technology needs and achieve your desired outcome. In addition, they support our campus learning management system or LMS called Blackboard. You can learn more at blackboard.ku.edu.

You may be teaching in a campus classroom—either on Lawrence or Edwards campuses—or online, or a hybrid of the two. Classrooms on campus are managed both by departments and centrally by KU. For a list of centrally managed classrooms, you can visit classrooms.ku.edu. There you can find the contact information for support in those rooms.

KU IT’s Media Production Studio provides students, faculty, and staff with multimedia tools, workstation, software, studios, and recording assistance. Located in Budig 10, the Media Production Studio is staffed with full-time and student employees to assist you with your instructional videos and provide captioning services. Learn more at mps.ku.edu.

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Training Workshops

KU faculty, staff and students can sign up for courses at no cost at workshops.ku.edu.

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