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Excel Online

Create an Online Workbook

Excel workbooks can be created directly from OneDrive online and will automatically save as you work. For help with OneDrive, please see the OneDrive pages.

  1. Sign in to office365.ku.edu and open your OneDrive
  2. Click +New and select Excel Workbook. [see screenshot]
  3. To rename the workbook, click the default name and type a new one. [see screenshot]

Editing Workbooks

Workbooks can be edited with either Excel Online or the full-version of Excel installed on your computer. Excel Online does not have the full range of options that the full-version of Excel offers.

Excel Online

  1. Sign in to office365.ku.edu and open OneDrive.
  2. Locate the file and click the name.
  3. Make your edits. If you are not able to make edits, you may be in read-only mode. Click Edit Workbook followed by Edit in Excel Online. [see screenshot]
  4. All changes are saved automatically as you work.

With Excel Online, multiple people can make changes simultaneously. You will see changes in real-time as the others are working as long as everyone is using Excel Online.

Full-Version Excel

  1. While viewing the workbook in Excel Online, click Open in Desktop app below the title of the file. [see screenshot]
  2. Changes can be saved manually or you may select AutoSave at the top-left area of your document. Click on the button next to AutoSave to toggle On or Off. [screenshot]

In the full-version of Excel, you are not able to make changes simultaneously. Changes must be saved before others will be able to see them.

Share Online Workbooks

Once created, workbooks can be shared with others, both internal and external to KU. You can decide if people will receive read-only access or editing options to the file.

Go to our Sharing Files page for step-by-step processes about how to share a file, stop sharing, setting edit and download permissions, and secure sharing.


Review video below to learn how to create accessible Excel files. 

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