MP50 Yealink


The MP50 Yealink is a Microsoft Teams-enabled USB phone that will be recognized after connecting to a PC and ready for placing or receiving calls.

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MP50 Yealink Features

Outgoing Calls

You can use the touchscreen or physical buttons to dial out. To use the touchscreen, tap anywhere on the screen, then tap the 10-dot keypad icon to begin dialing. This will engage the phone's speakers. For privacy, lift the handset to dial out. 


You can pair a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a mobile phone or headset.

  1. On the Touchscreen, tap your name. 
  2. Select Bluetooth. 
  3. Tap the toggle switches to the right of Bluetooth and Open discover. 
  4. Set your device to pairing mode. 
  5. When your device name appears under Available Devices, tap to pair.
    View ScreenshotToggle on Bluetooth and select your device to pair.

Merge Calls

You can merge two calls into one conference call. 

  1. Tap the Ellipsis icon [...].
  2. Tap Merge Calls. 

To split the calls:

  1. Tap the Ellipsis icon [...].
  2. Split Conf.