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OneDrive for Business

All KU Faculty and Staff are provided with a personal OneDrive for Bussiness storage of 1TB. In addition to storage, you can edit documents online using Office 365. myCommunity is integrated with KU's address book, so you can share documents with others using an email notification. You can also share files with contacts external to KU, and external contacts can edit online using the Office Web Apps if given editing privileges.

You can access your OneDrive storage by:

  1. Signing in to mycommunity.ku.edu
  2. Clicking the App Launcher in the top left corner [see screenshot]
  3. Clicking OneDrive

Alternatively, your OneDrive storage can be synced to your hard drive and managed like your regalar document storage.

See the links on the left for more instruction on using the specific features of OneDrive for Business.

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Training Workshops:

KU faculty, staff and students can sign up for courses at no cost at workshops.ku.edu.

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