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Pages in a team site, are similar to pages in any website; the page consists of content and apps pieced together. A page is helpful as you are able to see multiple types of content, and apps, in one place rather than going to each specific place for that content or app.

Add a new page

  1. Click the +New icon in the top menu and select Pages. [see screenshot]
  2. Rename the page by clicking on Name your page and typing the new name. [see screenshot]
  3. To change or remove the background image, click on the background to bring up edit options in the black bar on the left. [see screenshot
  4. Use the plus signs to add new sections and web parts to the page. [see screenshot]
  5. Add content or an app by clicking the center plus sign and selecting which app or content type to add. [see screenshot]
  6. When done, click Save as draft or Publish (Republish).

Edit an existing page

  1. Navigate to the page and click Edit. [see screenshot]
  2. Make your changes as needed; if you need to edit settings for a web part, click inside the web part to bring up edit options in the black bar on the left. [see screenshot]
  3. Make sure to Publish (Republish). [see screenshot]

Delete a page

  1. In the Quick Launch, click on Pages. [see screenshot]
  2. Hover your mouse over the page you want to delete and check the circle left of the page title.
  3. Either click Delete at the top or click the More options [...] icon then Delete. [see screenshot]

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