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Spark Page

What is Spark Page?

Adobe Spark is a free online and mobile graphic design app. With Adobe Spark you don't have to be a web developer to create professional looking web pages for newsletters, announcements, or presentations in minutes. Projects are automatically synced across the web or the iOS apps so you can work whenever, wherever.

Create Branded Content

KU faculty, staff and students have access to premium Spark features which means you can add your brand to each post, video or page you create! Brand information can include multiple logos, fonts and colors that you upload or specifiy. To start branding your media:

  1. Log in to Adobe Spark using your computer and favorite browser.
  2. Select Manage Brand.
  3. Choose one of the icons on the left to start adding logos, colors and fonts.

Keep in Mind

  • Content created in Spark is tied to an individual's account. This makes it hard to co-author content as a department or team. Content can be downloaded and shared, but not edited by multiple indiduals.
  • You can only create Spark Pages from a computer and browser or using an iOS device.
  • You can create pages by selecting a template or starting from scratch.
  • Only videos from YouTube can be embedded into pages.
  • There's no way to rearrange content on a page once you've added it. Make sure to plan ahead with your page design.
  • Spark Page is a great option for a one-page newsletter, announcement or presentation. However, it does not support a multi-page structure. You can link to other pages or sites using a URL, but if a multi-page website is needed, the best option is to use the CMS. You can find more information about using the CMS at KU at cms.ku.edu.
  • It’s possible to add icons, pictures, and/or text to any post, page or video. You can either upload your own images or use content fron the Creative Commons. Only photos that are available for use under a Creative Commons license will be displayed; with use of these images, a credits screen and citation of photo sources will automatically be added at the end of the presentation.


You can create a Spark Page through a browser or on your iOS device using a template or starting from scratch.

  1. Sign in at spark.adobe.com in your favorite browser or open the Adobe Spark Page app from your iOS device. (Need help signing in? Check out the sign in information here.)
  2. Select the + sign.
  3. Choose to start from a template or from scratch.
  4. Add a Title and subtitle.
  5. Add additional content or change the layout by clicking the + sign under each section. You can add photos, embed YouTube videos, create buttons and more!
  6. Explore different themes by selecting the Themes button from a browser or the Wand icon  on your iOS device.
  7. Preview your page by selecting the Preview button  from a browser or the Play button on your iOS device.


Pages are shared by generating a public view-only sharable link. Select the Share button to get started. You can add author and title information, choose a category and view/edit the photo credits.  You can update your Adobe Spark page without changing the link, but be sure to republish your page. Tip: Using a computer and the Chrome browser you can also print your page!


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