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Students: Access Kaltura Classroom Recordings

Your instructor has chosen to use Kaltura Classroom to deliver recordings of review sessions, classes, or more. Depending on how your instructor chooses to deliver content in the course, you may either find recordings in the Media Gallery, or through-out the course content as accessible links.

If your course is using KU's Kaltura Lecture Capture platform to record class sessions for delivery in Blackboard, you can view those videos with the following steps:

  1. Login to Blackboard at courseware.ku.edu.
  2. Select your course.
  3. Click on the Media Gallery menu item.
  4. Class recordings will be listed by most-recent here.
  5. Click on a video thumbnail to play a recording.


  • If both a camera and computer source were captured in the classroom, then the video player will load with a side-by-side view of the two sources.  (If only one of those were captured, it will be the only one shown.)  Use the player and accessibility controls on the player, for playback.
  • You can toggle the two video sources during playback for a view that best fits your content by hovering over the video player and choosing from the icons.  Your choices are side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and single source.  For all three modes, use the reverse arrows icon to swap sources.  When in picture-in-picture mode, you can move and resize the inset video stream to your preference.  

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