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Sync Folders

Sync folders to your local computer

Folders in your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint libraries can be synced to your hard drive and managed like your regular document storage.

  1. Click Sync from the top menu of your OneDrive or SharePoint document library [see screenshot]
  2. Click Open Microsoft OneDrive 
  3. Go to File Explorer on your PC or Finder on a Mac to view and access your files. [see screenshot]

When you sync your files from OneDrive or SharePoint, they will be listed as OneDrive - University of Kansas and The University of Kansas respectively. [see screenshot]

Status Icons

Status Icons located next to your files in your File Explorer on PC or Finder on a Mac tell you the sync state of the file or folder. [see screenshot]

If you need to work on a file without internet access, right-click the file and select Always keep on this device. Once you are connected to the internet, the file will automatically sync back to the cloud. To free up space on your computer, right-click the file and select Free up space. [see screenshot]


Status Icon descriptions

Microsoft office cloud icon
Blue Cloud

File is only available online. Online-only files don’t take up space on your computer, but do require internet to access.

Microsoft cloud icon next to icon representing a person to indicate a file has be shared.
Icon + People

The file or folder is shared with other people.

Outline of a green circle with a green checkmark in the middle of the circle. Green check written below the circle.
Green check

When you open an online-only file, it downloads to your device and becomes locally available. You can open locally available files when you are offline.

Note: If you’re running out of space, right-click the file and select “Free up space” to change files back to online only.

If these files haven't been open for a while, Storage Sense (available on Windows 10) will make it online only again, freeing up space on your computer. View Microsoft's video on how to manage Storage Sense

Green circle with a white check mark inside with the words green circle white check below the icon
Green circle white check

File is marked as "Always keep on this device". These files are available when you're offline and are downloaded to your device. and take up space.

Note: If you're running out of space, right-click the file and select “Free up space” to change files back to online only.

Microsoft Sync icon. Two arrows for a circle with the words sync arrows below the icon
Sync arrows

Processing changes. Make sure icon turns to the green check before shutting down your computer. This will help to ensure your changes have been synced.

Note: If you see the Processing Changes icon for a long time, it could be that you have an online file open, a very large file syncing, or a lot of files such in a queue.

Red circle with a white x in the middle with the words red circle white x below the circle
Red circle white X

A file or folder cannot be synced. You may see this icon in File Explorer or on the OneDrive notification area icons.

Manage your synced folders

To manage which folders are being synced,

  1. Click the OneDrive icon (blue icon located at the bottom-right of your toolbar on the PC or gray icon located at the top-right tool bar on a Mac). [see screenshot]
  2. Click More, then Settings. [see screenshot]
  3. From the Account tab, select Choose folders or Stop Sync. [see screenshot]

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