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SharePoint Sites

With SharePoint, sites are able to share documents, collaborate online, and store resources. Sites are organized into a Site Collection which is created by KU IT. Once a site collection is created, a site owner can create new sites in their collection as needed.

Access SharePoint by signing in to office365.ku.edu with your KU Online ID and password.

The links on the left provide more information on managing and working within a SharePoint site.

Request a new site collection from KU IT

To request a new site collection, please submit a request form

How to create a new subsite

The initial site will be created by KU Information Technology from an existing site template. From there, the site owner can modify the site and create multiple subsites.  

  1. Sign in to office365.ku.edu and go to the initial team site.
  2. Click the settings icon and select Site contents from the list. [see screenshot]
  3. At the top-right menu, click +New and select Subsite. [see screenshot]
  4. Enter the Title, Description and URL for the new site. [see screenshot]
  5. Select Team Site (no Office 365 group) for the template.
  6. Set up permissions as needed. 
  7. Click Create.

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