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Excel - Pivot Tables

What you should already know: 

You should have a basic knowledge of Excel 2013. You should be able to create spreadsheets, rows, columns, formulas, and functions.

What you will need: 

For this course, you will need a KU Online ID.

Course objectives: 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize Pivot Tables in Excel 2013.
  • Recognize when Pivot Tables can be used for data summarization and analysis.
  • Successfully set up existing spreadsheets to create meaningful Pivot Tables.
  • Create new Pivot Tables in Excel 2013.
  • Modify field selections and options, format data, manage relationships, use calculation fields, and group data in Pivot Tables to create data summaries.
  • Insert slicers to quickly analyze Pivot Tables from a number of angles.
  • Create Pivot Charts from Pivot Table summaries.
  • Apply styles to Pivot Charts.
Instructor-led Course Time: 
2 hours
Course outline: 
  1. What are Pivot Tables?
  2. How are they used?
  3. Why would I use Pivot tables?
    1. Examples of pivot tables/spreadsheets/data
  4. How to set up your spreadsheet to successfully create Pivot Tables.
  5. Create new Pivot Tables
  6. Modify field selections and options
  7. Format data
  8. Manage relationships
  9. Group data
  10. Use calculation fields
  11. Insert Slicers
  12. Create, manipulate, and manage Pivot Charts


Introduction to Pivot Tables:

  • What are Pivot Tables?
  • How are they used?
  • Why would I use Pivot Tables?


Part 1:

  • How to set up your spreadsheet to successfully create a Pivot Table.
  • Create a new Pivot Table from existing data.


Part 2:

  • Modify field selections and options
  • Format data
  • Manage Relationships
  • Group data
  • Use calculation fields


Part 3:

  • What are slicers?
  • Insert slicers
  • Use slicers


Part 4:

  • Create Pivot Charts
  • Modify Pivot Charts
  • Apply styles to Pivot Charts



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