New Teams Quick Guide

Microsoft has created a New Teams app that uses 50% less memory and is twice as fast as Classic. Overall, New Teams looks much like the Classic (previous) version, but a few features have been moved, some are discontinued, and others have been added.  

New/Changed Features

View a comparison chart of changed features from Classic to New Teams on Microsoft's support page.

Additional Changes not listed on Microsoft's support page:

Save messagesThe Save messages feature in gone from New Teams.
Post comments reverse orderYou can reverse the order of channel posts to start at the top.View Screenshot
Announcements in PostsLocation changed View Screenshot
Join/Create a teamLocation changed View Screenshot
ContactsNow under the People icon in app bar View Screenshot
Post in Multiple ChannelsNow you can post any comment in multiple Teams channels, not just Announcements. View Screenshot
Reorder your apps in the left app barSimply click and drag your apps to reposition them along the bar. 
Clear cache in New Teams

Clearing cache helps solve some of the quirky issues that can come up occassionally in Teams. The process in New Teams is different than Classic. Find the new instructions to clear cache for both PC and Mac on the Microsoft website. 

You can also contact your the tech support staff in your deparment for assistance. 

Navigate to New Teams Pages

You will find updated Teams instructions at the following pages:

Teams Getting Started

Teams Meetings

Teams Calls

Teams Features



Technical Support: | 785-864-8080

Training Support: | 785-864-5155