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OneNote 2013 - Essentials

Course description: 

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notetaking tool that is free to install on any device. Using OneNote, you can capture, store, and organize your notes in OneNote “notebooks.” When you store your OneNote notebooks either in your personal OneDrive for Business storage space or in your SharePoint site, you can easily access and sync your notes across multiple devices including Mac, PC, tablets, and smart phones. In addition, you can give others access to your notes or create a notebook to work collaboratively as a team. In this session, you’ll learn the basics of how to get started using OneNote as your primary notetaking tool.

What you should already know: 

You should have basic computing skills (i.e. using a mouse and keyboard, formatting text, and saving and organizing files).

What you will learn: 

By the end of class, you will understand the organizational structure of OneNote. You will set up your first OneNote notebook within your OneDrive for Business personal storage space and open it on the desktop computer. After creating sections and pages, you will experiment with different options for creating notes. You will learn how to quickly pull in meeting information from Outlook and send out meeting notes. You’ll learn how to take advantage of “tags” within OneNote to make sure you don’t lose track of action items, questions, and ideas. Finally, you will learn how to move notes to different notebooks and export notes to other formats.

What you will need: 

For this course, you will need access to a computer with OneNote software, access to the internet, and access to SharePoint.

Course objectives: 

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic organizational structure of OneNote 2013 and where notebooks are stored
  • Create and use notebooks to capture ideas, meeting notes, class notes, and more
  • Navigate to different notebooks, sections, and pages
  • Use different methods to adding notes
  • Pull in meeting information to quickly capture notes and action items and email these notes to meeting attendees
  • Move or merge content between pages, sections, and notebooks
  • Apply and search for tags, including creating a tag summary page and custom tag
  • Export notes to another format such as Word or PDF
Instructor-led Course Time: 
60 minutes
Course outline: 
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote 2013
    1. Learning about uses
    2. Understanding organizational units
    3. Defining the interface
    4. Learning about how and where notebooks are saved
  4. Creating a Notebook
    1. Launching OneNote 2013
    2. Creating a new notebook
    3. Viewing Notebook properties
    4. Saving notes
  5. Managing page layout and organization
    1. Exploring sections, pages, and containers
    2. Changing the page’s layout
    3. Moving notebooks and content between notebooks (notes)
  6. Adding Content
    1. Adding sections
    2. Adding pages
    3. Merging containers
    4. Adding pictures
    5. Adding links to other content
  7. Using OneNote for meeting Notes
    1. Adding meeting information
    2. Creating to-do items and Outlook tasks
    3. Emailing notes
  1. Using Tags
    1. Applying a tag
    2. Searching for a tag
    3. Creating a summary page
    4. Creating a custom tag
  2. Sharing and Exporting
    1. Co-authoring
    2. How to email as a page
    3. How to export as a PDF or Word doc
  3. Wrap up & Questions
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