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OneNote Online

Create a new Notebook

With OneNote Online, you can create, edit, view, and share notebooks that are stored in your OneDrive or Team site. These notebooks can be accessed with any device such as your smartphone or tablet. 

  1. Sign in to office365.ku.edu and open OneDrive.
  2. Click New and select OneNote notebook. [see screenshot]
  3. Type in a name for your notebook and click Create.

Note: it can be difficult to move a OneNote notebook after it is created. We recommend you create, or open, the folder in your OneDrive first. See the OneDrive for Business pages for help in creating a folder.

Add Sections and Pages

There are a few ways to add new pages and sections. Any of the following in the lists below will work.


  • Click Insert followed by New Page.
  • Right-click any existing page in the notebook and click New Page.
  • At the bottom of the pages list choose + Page. [see screenshot]

Note: to rearrange the order of pages, click and drag any page to a new position.


  • Click Insert followed by New Section.
  • Right-click any existing page and click New Section.
  • At the bottom of the sections list, click + Section.

Note: to rearrange the order of sections, click and drag any section to a new position.

Share a Notebook

OneNote Notebooks can be shared with people here at KU and also external contacts. You can decide who will have the ability to make changes to a notebook and who will have read-only access.

  1. Click the purple Share button. [see screenshot]
  2. Set restrictions on who will be able to access. [see screenshot]
  3. Decide if people will be able to make edits and if their access expires. [see screenshot]
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Type in the names (if they are at KU) and email addresses of those you are inviting. [see screenshot]
  6. Click Send.

Multiple people are able to work in a OneNote notebook together which is useful for group projects or teams. OneNote will update in real time as changes are made and stay synced across all people.

To see the authors that made changes to a page, click View followed by Show Authors. [see screenshot]

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